Slurm Fridge


For years I’ve stared at a Redbull fridge, eventually it struck me that I could make it whatever fridge I liked.

This project consisted of designing and printing an image for the light-box display and also for the two side panels. I created the images on photoshop and have provided them for free usage below. The printing was done at a local signage/printing place. The sides were matte vinyl stickers, and the light-box panel was the same but mounted on some sort of clear plastic.

Light-Box Panel


Side Panel 1


The bottom reads ‘*Odds of winning mathematically insignificant’

Side Panel 2


This side has the slurm logo in Hebrew like the t-shirt Zoidberg tries on in the giftshop, and ‘It’s highly addictive’ in the futurama language.

Dismantling the light-box


This was super easy, just two small screws in the tops of these two brackets. The original sign slotted into the top and bottom to give a nice bend.

Panel-less light-box


*Bender’s eyes pop out of head*



After taking the measurements of the original sign, the new one slotted in beautifully. Once the sides were back on it was just a case of carefully sticking on the vinyl stickers and hey presto!

Well that’s my slurm fridge build, full graphics are provided below incase you wish to have a go yourself.

Front PanelSide panel 1 ed Side panel 2


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