Leela’s Wrist Lojack-a-mator

My girlfriend and I are dressing as Futurama’s Leela and Fry for a halloween party, and so I was tasked with making Leela’s wrist computer thingy aka the gleefully named ‘Wrist Lojack-a-mator’.

The piece would have to be accurate, durable and intended to endure a night of drinking.

I devised to build it from three sheets of foam laminated together with contact cement. I would embed two sausage shaped hoops of wire (left overs from chainmail making) within the foam to offer some shapability(?) and rigidity.

With this done I’ll seal it with plasti-dip, paint it and add details such as the screen and buttons… Also I’ll aid taking the Wrist Lojack-a-mator on and off with a series of elastic straps along the inside…side.


After cementing the three layers of foam and using the contained wire to shape it into an unclosed cylinder, I dremeled out a shallow recess for the screen to sit in. As you can see I also initially cut in two rings to be the buttons, but as this looked so shite I decided to attach two small foam circles instead.


I dremeled out the circles with a sanding drum, then tidied them up a bit.

As for the screen itself, I cut out a rectangle of clear acrylic and beveled the corners. To help the screen look a little sleeker I cut a rectangle boarder out of foam to act as a type of piping.


I then heated shaped the acrylic in my oven and spray painted one side black.



Time for painting. I constructed a small rack for the buttons and piping out of metal wire (I have alot of this stuff…) so they could sit nicely.


I started by giving everything a few coats of white plasti-dip. I then used some silver foil spray paint and add some black/green for the buttons and piping.



Shiny. I should also mention that before painting started, I beveled each end of the piece as can be seen below.


The last job before fixing everything in place was to implement the straps. I started off by cutting a series of slits down each side of the Lojack-a-mator’s opening. This seemed a bit weak, so I wrapped them in electical tape to add strength. I then cut lengths of stretchy black elastic (that came to keep the rolls of foam tight) and hot glued them along each side of the opening.


Like so. After this it was simply a case of attaching the screen, piping and buttons to finish the piece off.


And that’s it, a simple build for a simple piece.


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