Helm of The Dark Knight build

The idea behind this built is a crossover between the Batman and Game of Thrones franchises. I thought it would be cool if Batman was an actual dark knight, Sir Bruce of House Wayne.


I sketched a few modifications of the Batman helm into a medieval-style helmet that tried to retain the iconic features that we all come to expect. I like the idea of using chainmail to form the jawline, and figured I could incorporate a chainmail coif I’ve been stitching (it takes a long time…).  I also drew up some body armour based on an ensemble Rob Stark wears in GoT.


I started out with a Batman cowl from Arkham Asylum, edited for foam by JFCustom. I did the old routine of printing, cutting and tracing onto foam. I built this up, excluding the chin and neck sections.


IMG_8257              IMG_8255

Like so!.. Ok, so I’m skipping alot of steps here but I was too damn carried away to take pictures. To catch up, after the initial build, I starting adding my own parts. I liked the idea of running a strip of foam down the middle of the helm to add a point to the nose (… and coinciently hide a seam). I also put some thin lines above the eyes to mimic frowning eyebrows (again, somehow managing to cover seams), pointed the bottom corners of the helm, and cut two under eye pieces to increase the helmet look.

After this was done I dremmeled in those rings on the middle foam strip with a sanding drum bit to mimic rivets, and dremmel a battle scar on the upper forehead.


The little white bubbles on the lower eye and ear parts are those stick-on googley eye things you get that I’ve seen someone use to look like nail heads.

IMG_8259 IMG_8260

Now was paint. I built a spray box out of a cardboard box I had, and gave the piece a couple of coats of IMG_8266plasti-dip black. Next, to try to achieve a battered metal look I sprayed some silver auto paint onto a rag and haphazardly rub it onto the helmet.


After I was happy enough with the effect, I did small small highlights like the battle damage and ‘rivets’ with some metal look enamel paint.

Now comes one of the most fun parts. Weathering!

After dark brown and black acrylic washes I sketched in some rust areas with an appropriately coloured paint. I followed the instructions laid out in Volpin’s Ancient Nordic Armour tutorial.


The idea is that you dust iron filings onto an object and spray it with a mixture of Vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and salt and watch as it instantly rusts. Very cool and you can’t help but feel a little Heisenberg-y as your concoction bubbles before your eyes.

Before Scraping
After scraping


Here is the result, left to dry over night and after scraping off the residue.





To finish off the helmet, I used some left-over upholstery leather to line the insides. This made the helmet sit (and smell) better and added a nice weight to the piece.





And thus ends this build. I hope you like the piece and the process involved. I want to make a GoTs nights watch/batcape at some point, and make Sir Bruce a member of the Dark Knights Watch, but that’s some time off.

Thanks for reading.



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