Son of The Harpy Mask tutorial



My friend had the cool idea of going as a member of the Sons of The Harpys (Game of Thrones) for Halloween. We starting discussing how to go about making a mask and this project is the result.

I started out by buying one of those blank theatrical masks which are creepy as hell from a craft store. Only slight modification was needed in widening the eye holes, removing the shitty elastic and trimming the jawline.IMG_8296

I then started to paper mache with newspaper. After a base layer, I increased the size of the nose and lips to better match the screen used masks. Next I laid down the criss crossy texture I quite like from the orginal masks with newspaper strips. I also Built up the crown type thing with paper mache, as illustrated below.


While this dried, work began on the horns. Initially, three pieces of foam were laminated together with contact cement. These were cut into the approximate shape and the edges beveled with a dremel. After this, curved recesses were dremeled in to give a two level effect. After heat shaping to follow the curve of the mask and direction of pointedness (yes that’s one of mine) they were given a few coats of PVA to seal the foam.

Coggy bit



A similar process was followed for the cog shaped piece in the center of the forehead. Thrice laminated foam was beveled and had circles removed along the edges with a dremel tool. Also PVA sealed.

Onto painting. A base coat of black was laid down before a coat of gold metallic spray paint. After this I did a few acrylic washes with dark muddy colours and in black.

Filthy, filthy colours

I think in this step I darkened the piece too much and the golds shine was lost. I’ve toyed with the idea of applying a gold leaf somehow but for now it’s just a lesson learnt.

After weathering was time to construct a head strap and veil. I took apart an old buckle and harvested the metal bits. Left over upholstery leather was cut up to create two new straps and attached to the mask with leather rivets. You can also see in the pictures below the lacing around the masks rim. This was a simple case of drilling evenly spaced holes and feeding a strip of black rag through. The ends were knotted to secure.

The purple fabric aquired for the veil was aged somewhat with a mix of washing, strapping, sanding and creasing. It was then hot glue aong the inside of the mask.

This left me with my final product. It was a lot of fun to make this mask, and looks cool, eyelessly staring from my shelf. If you have any questions/ ideas let me know!



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