Brazil Mask Part 1: Master and mould

The visual landscape of Terry Gilliam’s dystopian classic “Brazil” is mesmerizing. Ducts, winged knights and giant electric samurais aside, the masks used by Information Retrieval torturers have always struck a deep, terrifying chord with me and I decided I needed to hold one.

Having never made this type of mask before I decided to make a basic form with newspaper, cover in clay and detail, then mould and cast.

After drawing out plans, I cut a template out of MDF of the overhead view. I then shaped wire to match the profile outline to act as an armature for the newspaper, which I then stuffed and shaped beneath.

Once this was finished, the piece was covered in clay and forms and details were added.


After the clay was dried I started to pour over the silicone for molding. My next post will detail this process as well as casting.


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