Designing a craft beer-esque label for home made hooch!

My friends dad Paul had been getting into home brewing his own wine and gifting them to friends and family. I thought it would be a nice idea to design him some labels to help his bottles stand out.

I wanted the label to reflect Paul’s personality as much as possible, my and my friend came up with the name ‘Roofer’s Brew’ to reference Paul’s occupation (I also loved the idea of the name being shortened to ‘roofies, “Another glass of ‘roofies, dear?”). After raiding his facebook, I found a couple of appropriate photos.


This picture was perfect! It gave me the idea of having paul atop the word ‘ROOFERS’ in theĀ  logo, which would also in turn be pointed like a roof.


I also liked this pic. Paul’s in a cool pose that would look sweet as the main image, looming behind the logo. I had visions of a new drinks mascot to join the ranks of Captain Morgan and The Famous Grouse…. The Roofer!

I started off with the main image, I used photoshop’s magic wand to cut it out and knew I would have to stylize the photo in some way. I’ve always liked the illustration technique used on the portraits on bank notes and thought I’d try to create that.

A quick google brought up this superb tutorial on Spoon Graphics. I won’t rewrite the article but you essentially create a series of versions of your photo at incremental threshold adjustments and apply them as layer masks to a set of wavy lines of different thicknesses and orientations. It’s not as confusing as I muddle it up to sound.


The Top row of the above image shows the stages of Paul at different thresholds, and the bottom row shows these applied to the sets of wavy lines. Below is the result of layering the images on the bottom row:


Looking good. I love how close up it’s clearly a collection of lines, but with increasing distance (or squinting) the detail starts to emerge. Now onto the Roofer’s Brew logo.

I started with a vector badge that had a point on the top as I wanted, and applied a cardboard texture to it. I then took the rooftop image of Paul, cut him out, posterized it and washed out the colours a bit. I then placed this into position atop the badge.

step 3.jpg

To finish off the logo, I grabbed some fonts I thought looked cool together, added the tagline ‘Genuine Pentrebane Moonshine’ and placed some shamrock and star vectors.


I also created some badges for optional batch and bottle numbers from circular vectors.


Almost home. With everything in place, I created a pale yellow colour layer, a stained paper texture layer set to screen and twiddled with the levels a little.


Finally I added a distressed paper layer to the background, some white paint splatters and we’re done.

I printed out about 25 labels on sticker paper and gave them to Paul. The bottles look great, right at home on any drink shelf.


Now to kickback and enjoy a nice, cold glass of ‘roofies…



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