Kryten’s Spare Head


When I saw the pepakura file of Kryten’s head I knew I had to make it. But I thought it would be cool if instead of having a replica of his actual head, I owned one of his faulty old spare heads that had been collecting dust in one of the Red Dwarfs storage rooms.

I started off printing out the plans. Scoring, cutting, gluing. Scoring, cutting, gluing. Same old routine. Hardest part was the nose….

Any way after the model was looking all lovely and 3 dimensional I began hardening. Step one is to paint the outside in resin, let dry and repeat on the inside.

After resin

All dry and somewhat harder? Great, step two is to coat in the inside with Bondo (or car body filler to be precise). Nice coat of that inside and things are getting really rigid. Now to coat the outside, this is the longest and most time consuming step. Trying to maintain details whilst exaggerating others and keeping everything smooth is no easy task.



After the piece was filler’ed and sanded, I covered him in a layer of red spray paint to prime. Here he is with mould registration marks added in clay.



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