Making jumanji: Introduction

The idea of grasping a jumanji board has plagued me for years.

After infantile attempts to recreate it bore weak results, I gave up. It was only at my friends cottage, in early 2017, that my flame reignited. He owns a small wooden box filled with tabacco, large rizzla, herb grinders etc that is so damn similiar to a jumanji board that it was few uses of it’s contents before I was once again thirsting to hold the orignal, mythical prop.

Truly, it was a thread on (suprise, suprise) the RPF that sparked my interest once again. A user had had outstanding results with the lid. He had sculpted the details in clay, cast them in resin and then set the cast in a recess within a panel of wood. I’d always thought the method a bit contrieved but I couldn’t argue with results and set about making my own.


In the jungle, you must wait, until the dice read 5 or 8.

This article marks my decline into Jumanji. I will carve all pieces and boarders. I will construct the box. I will wire and program the guts, providing animated riddles and sounds of distant drums.

I ask you dear reader, to humour an old fool. And, much as you did  with Ahab, rejoice in my descent into obsession.



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